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About Us


We are a small playschool with a high staff to child ratio, catering for the individual needs of our children.

Our aim is to create an environment in which your child will
be happy, secure, stress-free and able to learn the skills necessary for pre-primary school.


We believe children should be able to play and function on a good social level, to work and respond in a group and follow the instructions given by a teacher.

They will learn to respect the artwork and possessions of others in a non-competitive, nurturing environment, creating self-motivated children with high self-esteem.

Meet Our Staff

Mara Baasch

Founder, Owner and Child Development Specialist


I started my school in 2003. I have created a nurturing environment for children so that they can grow and develop in a safe secure space: a home away from home.

I come from a creative background and enjoy working with children doing all sorts of different activities. Through these activities the children learn and develop important skills by being creative.


We have music, dance, baking and Playfit. We also do weekly pottery classes which provides a therapy through this creative and tactile activity. My passion is little children. I love their energy and working with them, as it inspires me in life. We work with the children to prepare them for preschool so that when they transition, the change is a stress-free experience for them and their parents.

Beauty 2021.jpeg
Beauty Lethoko



I have been teaching at Westcliff Drive Playschool for 19 years and every day I am reminded about why I love what I do: it’s all about the children.


Because we are a small school, we are like a family. Also, because of our size, we are able to give the children personal attention.


We encourage the children to play and learn together, but we also know how important it is for them to do their own thing – to find their independence within our
family-like environment.

Gladys Shantel Zakeyo



I have been teaching here for 4 years. The best part of my job is seeing the benefits of our free- play environment. This means that the children have the freedom to learn through play in ways which encourage their individuality.


Westcliff Drive Playschool is a very loving environment. Because we are an intimate school, we witness how, through their free-play, it brings out the different characteristics in the children.


Every child is different and our school helps to shape who they are. The school encourages the children to discover their individuality.

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