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More testimonials

"I had the pleasure of having both my children at Westcliff  Drive Playschool from 2017 until 2022. Both of them adjusted so well from being home with me daily, to transitioning to the routine of going to playschool and socialising  with a beautifully diverse group of children.

Mara’s playschool feels like a home-away-from-home. Beauty and Gladys are amazing with the little ones, they are so gentle and kind. The kids are allowed to explore in a safe and happy environment, and adjust to a new environment at their own pace. My kids still miss their lovely teachers and school and speak about them often."

- Coco, mom of Miguel and Malaika at Westcliff Drive Playschool

Banana Plant

"As a past and now current parent at the school, I absolutely adore it! It is an extremely nurturing environment. I love the size of the school – being quite small and intimate – because I know that the children are given personal

attention, while also being encouraged to develop their independence.


I don’t think that children are ready for pre-school at this young age and Westcliff Drive Playschool is the perfect place to prepare them for ‘big’ pre-school.

I love the activities that are planned daily for the children. It feels like an extension of my home. I especially love the creative activities which Mara, Beauty and Gladys put a lot of effort into making fun."

- Claudia, Benjamin and Samuel's mom at Westcliff Drive Playschool

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